Let's Go Brandon Tour

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Supports Common Sense Efforts

America- Let's Go Brandon Tour

Cultivating Patriotism

Reinforcing our Commitment

While America is not and has not been perfect, it is the best country globally, and every American should fight to keep it that way. It is a fact that some Americans have abused other Americans, but the vast majority of Americans have sound principles and values for one another. The New Patriots will highlight the importance of America and ensure that each American who is willing to work hard has the opportunity to pursue happiness.

Standing Up To Political Slavery

Helping The Community

The New Patriots will destroy the generational curses that have been placed on blacks by voting primarily for one party. The lack of representation in urban communities has led to high levels of senseless violence, poverty, and lack of access to healthy food options. Blacks must stop voting for candidates because of their skin color and party affiliation.

Let's Go Brandon Tour
Let's Go Brandon Tour

Education & Outreach

One Step at a Time

The New Patriots will host round tables and community engagement events and speak truth to power. Its mission is to educate the masses on civic engagement, assisting with developing Patriotic mindsets in every home in America. Finally, they will emphasize accountability by providing scorecards on elected officials in predominantly Black communities.

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